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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

All seminary classes have the option to be taken virtually or online.

DLE 806 – Theology of Leadership (4)

A theological study of leadership in the Bible, an examination of biblical examples of good leadership, and the application of leadership principles to church and ministry leaders today. (4 credit hours)

DLE 807 – Organizational Leadership (4)

The application of the biblical principles of organizational leadership frequently found in the business world to ministry today, with an examination of non-biblical principles which must be rejected. (4 credit hours)

DLE 808 – Developing Leaders in Local Church (4)

An examination of discipleship in the New Testament and an application of the biblical teaching of discipleship for the local church today. (4 credit hours)

DLE 809 – Change and Conflict Management (4)

An examination and application of biblical principles as they pertain to making changes in a ministry and resolving conflicts within a ministry. (4 credit hours)