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CHMI 102 – Introduction to Missions (2)

A history and survey of biblical, worldwide missions, as well as a survey of current fields. Presentation of the environmental and political factors affecting the proclamation of the gospel. (2 credit hours)

CHMI 210 – Theology of Missions (2)

A study of the scriptural evidence regarding the urgent necessity and present-day relevance of Christ’s commission to His church in order to develop a biblical understanding of missions. Addresses the foundation of missionary service and is directed to all believers. (2 credit hours)

CHMI 330 – World Religions (3)

An introductory study of animism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Roman Catholicism. Their basic teachings and practices are analyzed and compared to biblical Christianity and then to each other. A Christian approach to adherents of these religions is proposed. Prerequisite: HUEN 122. (3 credit hours)

CHMI 411 – Cultural Anthropology (3)

An introductory study of human customs, social systems, world views, and communication in order to help the prospective missionary analyze, appreciate, adjust to, and communicate in another culture. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status. (3 credit hours)

CHMI 415 – Cross Cultural Communication (3)

An introductory study of human communication between cultures in order to enable appropriate and improved communication in another culture. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status. (3 credit hours)

CHMI 472 – Linguistics (3)

An introductory study of the necessary skills for language acquisition including basic phonology and morphology. Prerequisites: HUCC 102 and 210. (3 credit hours)

CHMI 479 – History of Baptist Missions (3)

A survey of the history of the geographical expansion of Christianity. The course will focus on the last two centuries of Protestant missions, with special attention given to Baptist missionaries and mission agencies. (Available as bridge course GHI 548 History of Baptist Missions) Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status. (3 credit hours)

CHMI 480 – Missions Seminar (3)

The capstone research course for the missions major focusing on contemporary mission trends, theological issues, and preparation for field ministry. Prerequisites: CHMI 102, CHMI 110, CHMI 330, and BIBI 350. (3 credit hours)