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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

BUOF 122 – Basic Computer Keyboarding (1)

Students will develop the technique of touch keyboarding with attention given to accuracy, speed development, and numeric keys. Lab fee. (1 credit hours)

BUOF 223 – Admin Procedures and Technology (3)

A study designed to prepare the administrative assistant for duties expected in today’s office. Office technology, communication, organizational and time management, administrative support systems, placement/advancement opportunities, and professional responsibilities will be discussed and applied in relation to realistic office situations. Prerequisite: BUMI 161. Lab fee. (3 credit hours)

BUOF 228 – Document Processing (3)

Students will build keyboarding speed and accuracy and apply language arts and editing skills to produce mailable advanced letters, tables, reports, memos, and desktop published documents using Microsoft Word. Prerequisites: BUMI 260 and BUOF 122 or 35 CWM typing by touch. Lab fee (3 credit hours)

BUOF 450 – Office Management Internship

Participation in the internship program provides students with work experience related to their major. Applications must be filed with the department. Registration for internship requires sponsorship by an advisor from the Office Administration faculty. Prerequisite: Office Management major and Junior or Senior classification; Office Technology major and Sophomore classification. (1 to 3 credit hours)