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BUOL 480 – Theories and Models of Leadership (3)

Examination of theories and models in leadership studies. Course introduces the role of theory in science and both classic and contemporary leadership theories/models are presented. Emphasis on critical analysis of theoretical perspectives. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status. (3 credit hours)

BUOL 481 – Organizational Behavior (3)

This course analyzes human work behavior at the individual, interpersonal, team and organizational levels. Emphasis is on understanding organizational culture and climate and the role of organizational systems, structures, and processes in shaping organizational behavior. Drawing from the fields of leadership and management, sociology, operations, information technology, ethics, economics, and psychology, Organizational Behavior is designed to help students develop their ability to analyze organizations and lead organizations more effectively from a biblical perspective. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status. (3 credit hours)

BUOL 482 – Organizational Communication (3)

This course is designed to focus on both the theory and practice of communication within organizations, with special emphasis on understanding key principles of how communication patterns develop and change at the individual, interpersonal, team, and organizational levels. Drawing from the fields of leadership and management, communication, operations and systems thinking, information technology, ethics, and psychology, Organizational Communication is designed to help students develop practical strategies and techniques for building understanding and teamwork, and for improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work from a biblical perspective. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status. (3 credit hours)

BUOL 483 – Theological & Historical Foundations of Leadership (3)

This course is designed to introduce students to concepts of leadership and organization from a biblical perspective. Topics cover the historical development of theories related to leadership, organizations and teams, power, communcation, and organizational citizenship. (3 credit hours)

BUOL 489 – Organizational Leadership Internship (1-3)

Participation in the internship program provides students with work experience related to organizational leadership. Applications must be filed with the School of Business. Registration for internship requires sponsorship by the organizational leadership internship coordinator/advisor. (1-3 credit hours)