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BIPH 330 – Introduction to Philosophy (2)

Orientation to the field of philosophy, emphasizing a basic vocabulary relative to philosophy and an introduction to basic logical theory. Some of the problems which have engaged the minds of philosophers and the solutions which they have offered will be introduced. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior classification. (2 credit hours)

BIPH 332 – Ethics (2)

A study of the theories of human value and obligation, right and wrong actions, and the nature of moral judgments. Includes the application of moral principles to pressing moral and social problems of the day. (2 credit hours)

BIPH 433 – Apologetics (2)

A study of the defense and validity of the Christian theistic world view, including its biblical base, and an evaluation of and appropriate responses to major arguments set forth by opponents to Christianity. Prerequisites: BIPH 330. (2 credit hours)