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SEPE 135 – Introduction to Physical Education and Health (2)

Orientation to the field of physical education, including history, philosophy, principles, and current trends. (2 credit hours)

SEPE 227 – Teaching Outdoor Activities in Physical Education (1)

A study of the policies, basic skills, and methods of teaching for outdoor activities. (1 credit hour)

SEPE 236 – Teaching Technical Strength, Training, Conditioning, Flexibility (2)

This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and training that will prepare them for effective teaching in progressive resistance strength training, physical conditioning, and flexibility. The impact of each element on the development of the human body is examined. The strengths, weaknesses, and value to the physical education curriculum of various methods and programs are discussed. (2 credit hours)

SEPE 241 – First Aid and Safety (2)

A study of the essentials of first aid and safety as outlined by the Red Cross. (2 credit hours)

SEPE 331 – Physiology of Exercise (3)

A study of the implications of the physiological processes of the body under various exercise situations. Prerequisites: ASSC 111. (3 credit hours)

SEPE 337 – Kinesiology (3)

A study of the fundamentals of human movement along with muscular analysis of motor skills. Prerequisites: ASSC 111. (3 credit hours)

SEPE 338 – Evaluation in Physical Education (2)

An introduction to measurement and evaluation methods in a motor behavior context with consideration given to test administration and interpretation of data. (2 credit hours)

SEPE 340 – Adaptive Physical Education (3)

A study of the problems of the atypical child in relation to the physical education activity program. Areas of study include postural deviations, orthopedic and neurological disabilities, sensory handicaps, the mentally handicapped, and the behaviorally deviant child. (3 credit hours)