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EDSP 300 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies for Exceptional Students (3)

An introduction to exceptional individuals and the methods, materials, and resources that can be used in the general education classroom to improve the academic performance of students with learning difficulties. Curricular adaptations, differentiated instruction and specific strategies in the content areas will be a focus of this course. Prerequisite: EDUC 236. (3 credit hours)

EDSP 340 – Classroom and Behavior Management for the Special Educator (3)

This course is designed to explore best practices of effective classroom management and individual behavior intervention strategies in inclusive and cross-categorical classrooms. Emphasis will be given to creating proactive learning environments through positive behavioral interventions and support. Discussions of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans will be included. (3 credit hours)

EDSP 343 – Diagnosis and Treatment of Reading Difficulties (3)

A study of the principles of diagnosis and remediation of reading and study difficulties. Informal and formal testing procedures and methods and materials available to classroom teachers in planning corrective reading programs are emphasized. Prerequisites: Upper Level Status and ELED 344. (3 credit hours)

EDSP 381 – Educational Diagnosis and Assessment (3)

A course to develop knowledge and skills in using educational assessments to plan and evaluate individualized educational programs for students with special educational needs. Emphasis is placed on procedures involved in differential diagnosis of leaning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and emotional disturbance as defined by federal and state guidelines. Prerequisite: EDUC 236. (3 credit hours)

EDSP 410 – Collaboration, Communication, and Transition from School to Community (3)

A discussion of the adjustment challenges of exceptional children in the home, school, and community. Consultation techniques and supportive skills to aid families in dealing with school and agency personnel are emphasized. Instructional approaches, assessment of student interest and ability, and service delivery models related to the provision of career/vocational and life skills education for students with disabilities will be explored. Federal and state guidelines for career/vocational education counseling and instruction are discussed. Prerequisite: EDUC 236. (3 credit hours)

EDSP 420 – Methods in Cross Categorical Education for the Special Needs Learner: Learning Disability (3)

Students will plan instruction for learners in their emphasis area. Students will plan for assessment, maintain a case record, and analyze data to develop individualized goals and objectives for learners. Students will use general and specialized content knowledge to plan for instruction and adapt curriculum. Prerequisite: EDUC 236. (3 credit hours)