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The Business Breakfast Series gives the community the opportunity to gain knowledge on current, relevant, and interesting business topics and exposes MBU business students to the surrounding business community. Come enjoy a delicious buffet style breakfast while you network with fellow business professionals from the Watertown community and surrounding areas. Each breakfast features a guest speaker, compelling topics, and a brief introduction to MBU.

Getting to Campus

Parking is available to the left inside the main entrance. The meeting venue is across walking bridge in the Dining Complex.

Previous Breakfasts

February 14 - Annual Economic Breakfast in Collaboration with Partnership Bank

Rob Marchant, Partner, Executive Vice President, Michael Best Strategies LLC & Chairman of the Watertown RDA 

Rob Marchant, President of Michael Best Strategies

Rob Marchant, President of Michael Best Strategies and Chairperson of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Watertown (RDA), will update attendees on the initiatives the RDA is undertaking within the city.  The RDA was formed to eliminate blight and facilitate redevelopment within the city.  Watertown has a great opportunity to become a more vital and attractive place to live and do business, thanks to tremendous assets such as the Rock River, an unmatched stretch of historic buildings downtown and a motivated community of individuals and thought leaders dedicated to improving this place we call home.  With a focus on real estate redevelopment, the RDA was formed to help turn these opportunities in to results.  Key initial goals of the RDA include creating a town square along the river, developing a new hotel, and activating second and third floors along main street for commercial and residential uses.

January 24 - Generations in the Workforce: How to Speak Fluent Boomer and Millennial At Work--sponsored by Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce

Kay Edwards, President and CEO, Outsight Network

Kay Edwards, President and CEO, Outsight Network

The US workforce now includes five distinct generations, each with its own unique culture, language, and preferred working style. Join us as Kay Edwards, President and CEO of Outsight Network shares findings from five years of research on generations, how they relate to institutions, and to each other. Learn how to help your multi-generational teams work more effectively together.

Outsight Network is a professional services firm working with mission-based organizations throughout the United States, specializing in business strategy and constituent engagement.

November 15 - Entrepreneurship to ESOPs - the Long View Best Practices

Scott Miller, President and Founding Partner, Enterprise Services, Inc.

Scott Miller, President and Founding Partner, Enterprise Services, Inc.

Scott D. Miller, CPA/ABV, CVA, is President and founder of Enterprise Services, Inc., a firm that provides financial consulting services to business, specializing in business valuations and ESOPs.  Mr. Miller is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on ESOP valuations for closely-held companies, having served over 600 employee owned companies.  He previously served as Vice President of Finance and Trustee of a large ESOP company, is often published in major professional journals and authors seminars for professional organizations and industry groups.  He has authored several books including: “ESOPs Savvy Strategy for Tax Management, Succession and Continuity” (AICPA, 2012); “Buyouts” (John Wiley & Sons, 2013); “Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions Guidance for Small and Medium Sized Organizations” (AICPA, 2013).  He currently serves on the AICPA Forensics and Valuation Services Executive Committee, the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs, the ESOP Association Board of Governors, and the Board of the Exit Planning Institute.  His undergraduate degree is from Kenyon College and he holds an MBA from Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management.

October 11 - County Government and Economic Development

The National Association of Counties write: “Counties are responsible for providing core services, such as human services, criminal justice, public welfare and infrastructure, to communities of all sizes across America. To ensure the delivery of these essential services, support job growth and maintain a healthy revenue base, counties invest in economic development activities in a number of ways.”  Workforce Development, Sponsoring Initiatives, Advertising Community Benefits, Collaboration and many other activities are performed by county administration to support the economic development within their communities.  Join us to hear from five (5) local county executives/administrators and a county supervisor regarding how their counties positively impact economic development in southeast Wisconsin.

September 27 - Marketing Your Business -- sponsored by mk Cellular

Tim Morgan, CEO, Genesis Marketing Group

During this presentation, Mr. Tim Morgan answered the following questions:

Is Marketing a skill that can be learned and mastered?

Does your company need a marketing plan?

What are some proven marketing techniques and concepts that any business can master and implement?

Is there a way to create successful marketing campaigns that don’t require you to spend large sums of money?

Is it possible to know that your marketing dollars are achieving their desired goals?

Is Social Media Marketing A Waste Of Time?

How can a proper marketing message allow you to get the maximum value for your product or services?