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Overview | Criminal Justice

The AS in Criminal Justice (64 credits) gives students a broad preparation to enter a career in the field of criminal justice. Related coursework in behavioral science and communication will provide you with sought-after skills. Under the teaching of our qualified and experienced faculty, you’ll quickly become part of a community of students who share an interest in justice and want to represent Christ in their professional and everyday lives.

Associate’s-to-Bachelor’s Pathway

Continue your studies with either an on-campus or online bachelor’s degree. All associate’s degree courses may be counted toward an bachelor’s program. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Suggested Course Schedule

Semester 1

Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
Policing and Criminial Investigation (3)
Old Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 1 (3)
The Modern World (3)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 2

Courts, Law, and Procedure (3)
New Testament Survey (3)
Modern Creationary Thought (3)
English Composition 2 (3)
Music Elective (2)
General Psychology or Intro to Sociology (3)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 1

Institutional and Community Corrections (3)
Nature of Crime (3)
Baptist Heritage (3)
U.S. History 1 or 2 (3)
Open Elective (3)

Total Credits: 15

Semester 2

Ethics in Criminal Justice (3)
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (3)
Literature Elective (3)
Math or Science Elective (3)
Open Elective (3)

Total Credits: 15

Key Courses

  • Courts, Law & Procedure (BUCJ 140)
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice (BUCJ 260)
  • General Psychology (HUPS 131)
  • Institutional & Community Corrections (BUCJ 220)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (BUCJ 100)
  • Introduction to Sociology (HUSO 141)
  • Nature of Crime (BUCJ 240)
  • Policing & Criminal Investigation (BUCJ 120)

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Course Distribution

Criminal Justice Major (18 credits)
Biblical Studies Core (15 credits)
Liberal Arts Core (25 credits)
Electives (6 credits)
Minimum Hours Required: 64 Credits

Potential Career Fields

Law enforcement
Private security
Court support staff

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

Highlighted Program Faculty

Mr. Michael Zwolanek

Department of Humanities | Associate Professor
MA, Clemson University
BS, Bob Jones University

Mrs. Jennifer Meinhardt

Department of Humanities | Associate Professor
MA, Bob Jones University
BS, Maranatha Baptist University

Bible Core

Dual Degrees