Matthew, Ed Glasscock

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“Jesus is the rightful heir to the throne. Called ‘a literary masterpiece,’ Matthew’s gospel emphasizes Jesus’ right to the throne of David and God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His promise of the Messiah, despite the failure of Israel. Guiding the reader through a careful examination of the first gospel, Dr. Ed Glasscock brings a fresh vividness and depth of background to the account of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Whether used as a teaching resource or for personal study, this insightful commentary will add breadth and precision to your understanding of Matthew’s gospel with such tools as:- Historical insights- Verse-by-verse exposition- Cultural information- Grammatical and syntactical studies- Homiletic suggestions at the end of each chapterThis commentary on Matthew presents a theological and historical perspective of Jesus that will help believers better understand the significance and reality of His person, life, and mission. Balancing serious scholarship and practical teaching, this volume illuminates Matthew’s apologetic for the messiahship of Jesus Christ.” –

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