Piano Pedagogy

Piano at any age

The Piano Pedagogy minor is for those who desire to inspire students to love music while also impacting their lives for God.  Students will learn to successfully teach early childhood music and movement classes, coach piano ensembles, teach theory classes, prepare students for recitals and competitions, and plan special events. Students learn to evaluate a wide array of pedagogical philosophies and methods and propose intelligent solutions for current issues in the field. Maranatha’s pedagogy program also challenges the status quo by teaching beginning piano from an innovative sound-before-sight approach.


Important links

These links provide important information for anyone seeking to enter the music program. These links also give information on the various music groups, and provide access to informative blogs and videos.


Required courses

Introductory Music Seminar0
Piano Freshman Fieldwork0.25
Basic Music Literature3
Aural Skills Foundations2
Piano Pedagogy 12
Harmony 12
Piano Sophomore Fieldwork0.25
Sophomore Student Teaching 10.5
Sophomore Student Teaching 20.5
Piano Pedagogy 22
Junior Student Teaching 10.5
Junior Student Teaching 20.5
Choose 2 credits
Piano Pedagogy 32
Early Childhood Music & Movement1
Piano Pedagogy Practicum1
Piano Requirements
Keyboard Skills 1-2 (remedial as needed)0-2
Piano Proficiency Lessons (5 semesters)5
Freshman Platform0
Sophomore Platform0
Piano Proficiency lesson with Minor Piano Recital1
Repertoire (6 semesters)0
Hymnplaying 1 or (must test out of 1 to take 2)1
Hymnplaying 21