Organizational Leadership

Leading a team

An effective leader knows how to be decisive, build teams, think innovatively, and work with integrity—just a few of the traits that can positively impact an organization’s performance and growth. Although the Organizational Leadership minor is designed to complement the ROTC program, it is open to all majors, preparing you to understand the complex cultural, social, and organizational issues that you will confront in leadership positions. The program will challenge you to become competent in leadership theories and models, critical analysis, communication skills, and the application of theory. You'll also learn and practice skills that focus on how individuals and teams function within organizations.

ROTC program

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Your potential career

  • CEO
  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • Coordinator
  • Evaluator
  • Researcher
  • Independent consultant
  • Human services
  • Community organization employee


Required courses

Theories & Models of Leadership3
Foundations of Officership2
Foundations of Officership Lab1
Basic Leadership2
Basic Leadership Lab1
Individual Leadership Skills2
Individual Leadership Skills Lab1
Leadership & Teamwork2
Leadership & Teamwork Lab1
Electives (for Army ROTC contracted cadets only)
ROTC Leadership Internship (LTC)0
Leadership & Problem Solving2
Leadership & Problem Solving Lab1
Leadership & Ethics2
Leadership & Ethics Lab1
Leadership & Management2
Leadership & Management Lab1
Ethical Decision Making for Leaders/Officership2
Ethical Decision Making for Leaders/Officership Lab1
Advanced Leadership Internship (LDAC for cadets)3