Bridge to Campus: Accessible, Affordable Education

Maranatha keeps moving forward! The launch of Bridge to Campus is another giant step in our mission of developing leaders for worldwide local church ministry.

The Bridge to Campus program provides a fantastic first-year experience, utilizing the latest in videoconferencing technology to allow students to attend Maranatha classes at sites closer to home. Each site will provide a unique campus life component, and each site is affordable. Bridge to Campus courses are taught by academically and spiritually qualified faculty to the same high standards as all Maranatha courses. Course credits easily transfer to other colleges and universities.

Several sites are preparing to open soon, including Harvest Ministries in Guam, Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana, and Wolf Mountain Christian Camp in California. Additional sites are already being planned, and ministries that would consider hosting a site should contact the Office of Online and Distance Learning.

If you are a student preparing for your first year of college, check out Bridge to Campus. At each site, you will find:

  • The same high-quality academic instruction found on the campus of Maranatha
  • Students who share your beliefs and are looking for friends like you
  • Instructors who care about your spiritual development and academic success
  • A facility dedicated to college-level learning, equipped with high definition video conferencing technology and all the educational resources you’ll need
  • A financial plan that significantly reduces the cost of your first year of college

The program offers substantial savings opportunities through an affordable first-year experience as well as significant scholarships for Bridge students who come to Maranatha’s main campus the following year.

Please go to the Bridge to Campus website to learn more. If you know someone who would be interested in starting their Bible college education at a more accessible location, please tell them about this exciting new learning option.