Teacher Education Scholarship

Teacher Education ScholarshipMaranatha has trained Christian educators for more than 40 years. Our graduates teach around the world in every imaginable educational setting. The $3,500 per year Teacher Education Scholarship has been implemented to encourage those called to educational ministry.



The potential $14,000 scholarship (up to $3,500 per year for four years) is intended for those majoring in any one of our Teacher Education majors.

Maranatha students may qualify for the federal Pell Grant of up to $5,775 per year. Based on a student’s academic achievement and financial need, these two awards combined significantly reduce the cost of tuition.

The scholarship will be awarded to students based upon their self-evaluation describing why they have chosen a Teacher Education major, future educational career and ministry plans, and academic ability.

Teacher Education Scholarship Criteria

Teacher Education Scholarship applicants must:

  • Apply for the scholarship before arriving as a student.
  • Complete the admissions process and be accepted to Maranatha.
  • Enroll in the Teacher Education Department.
  • Be a new student at Maranatha.
  • Carry at least 12 credit hours of Maranatha residential class work each semester. (Note: Hours taken at other institutions do not count toward the 12 hours.)
  • Live in a Maranatha residence hall.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Teacher Education Scholarship can be approved prior to the submission of the FAFSA, but will not be applied until the FAFSA is complete.
  • Download this document to see a complete list of scholarship guidelines.

Apply for the Teacher Education Scholarship

Contact Maranatha’s Financial Aid Office by email or by calling (920) 206-2318 for more information!