Artist Series


The 2015 Artist Series will take place on Friday, February 13 at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium and will feature saxophonist Dana Everson.

Dr. Dana Everson is a saxophonist, pianist, arranger, teacher, and music educator based in mid-Michigan. He has quietly been one of mid-Michigan’s outstanding saxophonists since the late 1970’s. He has over 400 published works.

But what is most important to Everson is his Savior.  “When I became a believer in December of 1972, everything began to change, a quarter note at a time.” In the midst of his extensive musical training (at Michigan State University at the time), the Lord placed a burden on his heart to arrange and perform music that reflected the character of his God. This led him out of jazz and pop music and towards developing sacred music that stylistically matched the holy content of the words.  He wanted to make this wholesome music available to any Christian musician, not just those with a professional level of ability.

This desire grew throughout the next decades, and led him to arrange for church groups, Christian and home school students, and Bible college musicians. His music has been played around the world, encouraging believers from the underground church in the former Soviet Union, to Christian young people in Latin America.

Although his musical conscience and love for the Savior have cost him personally and professionally, he remains faithful to the Scriptural principles he learned decades ago. While much of the western Christian world at-large seems to have embraced the fusion of rock and pop styles with the message of Christ, Everson remains dedicated to serving the body of Christ with godly music.

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