Congratulations on choosing to attend Maranatha to continue your academic and musical training. To make your decision a reality, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Apply and complete the University Student Admissions Process.
Step 2: Complete the Performance Assessment Packet  ASAP.
Step 3: Read the Music Department Handbook.
Step 4: Complete advanced placement coursework if possible.

  • Determine if you should prepare to test out of any music courses (see test-out requirements and tutorials in the Music Department Handbook). We encourage academically and musically gifted students to test out of as many courses as possible. Music majors who test out of courses may add a minor or take other enriching music courses not required in their program. Music education majors may reduce program length by several credits. Consider testing out of the following courses:  FIMK 101 Keyboard Skills 1, FIMK 102 Keyboard Skills 2, FIMK 103 Keyboard Skills 3, FIMK 104 Keyboard Skills 4, FISM 113 Hymnplaying 1, FISM 223 Hymnplaying 2, FIMU 336 Accompanying, FIMU 100 Fundamentals of Music Theory, FIMU 114 Harmony 1, FIMU 115 Harmony 2, FIMU 111 Aural Skills Foundations, FIMU 1125 Intermediate Aural Skills, and FIVO 135 Intro to Vocal Studies.
  • Decide if you should take CLEP tests (see the General Information – CLEP requirements in the catalog).
  • Consider taking online courses at Maranatha.

Step 5: Be fluent with software programs used at Maranatha.

  • Know how to use Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Log in and become very familiar with the Outlook Web Email and Maranatha’s Portal (note: You must be accepted as a student to receive your username and password. If you have been accepted, but are unable to log in, contact information technology at 920-206-2322).

Step 6: Register for classes.

  • You must be accepted as a university student and pay your deposit before registering for classes.
  • After registering, double-check that Repertoire Class, Music Seminar for New Students, and private lessons for your primary and secondary instrument show up on your class schedule.
  • To graduate on time, carefully follow the course sequencing in the catalog.
  • If you have questions, please ask.

Step 7: Complete the Online Music Theory Placement Exam.

  • The Online Music Theory Placement Test is required for ALL music majors, minors, and concentrations.
  • The score on this test determines whether students need to take Music Theory Fundamentals their first semester, wait until second semester for Harmony I, or advance to Harmony II their first semester. Students will be enrolled in Music Theory Fundamentals by default.
  • To prepare, contact Dr. Clater for the most current textbook edition.
  • Students needing to take this exam will need to email to be given access to the test.
  • The test can be taken between July 1 and the first day of Jumpstart. Please take the test as soon as possible.

Step 8: Prepare for performing group auditions.

Step 9: Review the advice for incoming music degree students.