Library Policies: Like any other organization the Cedarholm Library needs a set of rules in place that help govern what happens within its four walls.

Things to Remember Regarding Library Materials

There are three types of material you can check out from the Cedarholm Library…

  • General Material
  • Course Reserve Material
  • Library Use Only Material

General Material

General material includes books, CDs, and DVDs that are not on course reserve or in the Reference section.

You can check-out up to twenty items of general material for three weeks at a time. After that you can renew them for one week.

If you don’t return the books on time we charge twenty-five cents per day until you return the book.

Course Reserve

Your professor might set a book (or several) aside for his class to use. These are called course reserve materials.

If an item is on course reserve you can check it out somewhere between seven days to just overnight. The library staff who checks-out your material will let you know how long you have.

You can check-out up to three items per class. But you can’t renew these items. We need to let others use this limited material.

If you don’t return the book on-time we charge you one dollar per day.

Library Use Only

Some materials are designated library use only. This would include materials in the Reference section and Heritage Room collection as well as special equipment (overhead projector, easel, etc.) in the Media Center.

If  you check-out equipment you can have it all day. And if you check-out items on reserve you can do so for only two hours.

Of course, you can’t renew these items. And if you don’t turn them in on-time we charge twenty-five cents per hour.

So we’ve talked generally about checking-out different materials. Let’s discuss some of the details…

  • Checking-Out an Item
  • Renewing an Item
  • Your Item’s Due Date
  • Overdue Items
  • Putting an Item on Hold
  • Your Damaged Item
  • Your Lost Item
  • When the Library Recalls Your Item

Checking-Out an Item

When you check-out an item bring your ID card. Make sure only you use your ID card to check-out items. Don’t give it to someone else.

If someone else checks-out items with your card you’re responsible for what happens.

The same holds true  if you check-out an item and then loan it to a friend. If he doesn’t return it on-time, you’re the one who pays the fine.

Renewing an Item

You can renew your checked-out item in-person, by phone ,or by email on or before the due date.

We send you an e-mail a few days before the due date with a link you can follow to renew your item.

Your Item’s Due Date

Make sure you return your item to the library by closing time on the day it’s due.

If you need to return your item while the library is closed you can use the drop box outside.

However, please return kits, DVDs, and CDs inside the library to the Circulation Desk to avoid damaging these items.

Overdue Items

You can check-out new items only after you’ve returned all overdue items and paid all fines on your account.

Putting an Item on Hold

Sometime you might want to check-out an item only to discover its already checked-out.

In this case you can put a hold on the item. You can do this from the Catalog or at the Circulation Desk.

When the item returns we notify you and hold the book for two days. If you don’t check it out during that time it goes back on the shelf for others to use.

You can place a hold on all material except reserve items.

Your Damaged Item

If you damage the item you checked-out we will charge you a fine for its repair or — if needed — replacement.

Your Lost Item

Report an item as lost as soon as you know it’s lost. When you do this it stops your fine from accruing.

If you keep a book for six weeks we automatically consider it lost.

If you lose an item we charge you any fines accrued plus the actual replacement cost plus the shipping and handling fee.

Sometimes lost books are found. When this happens we rejoice with you. We also refund the replacement cost and shipping and handling fee. But we still need to keep the fine money, since it’s ultimately an overdue item.

When the Library Recalls Your Item

In rare and special situations the Circulation Supervisor may recall an item after it has been out at least 2 weeks. You’ll have 24 hours to return the recalled item. If it’s not returned in that time we may need to assess a fine.

Things to Remember When You’re in the Library

There are a few more policies to keep in mind when you’re in the library…

  • Phones
  • Visual Media
  • The Testing Service
  • Study Rooms
  • Student ID Cards


When you’re here in the building please take cell phone conversations to the lobby or a closed room.

And remember that the phone in the library is not for public use.

Visual Media

The DVDs in our collection are primarily intended for educational purposes. For that reason you can use the video equipment in the library only for class assignments and projects.

The Testing Service

The Testing Service is located on the lower level of the Cedarholm Library.

Testing hours end one hour before closing.

The testing fee is five dollars per test and two dollars per quiz.

That fee is waived if…

  • you missed the test or quiz for an official school-sponsored event
  • the health center contacts the library to vouch that you were too ill to take the test or quiz

Study Rooms

Study group areas are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Experienced reference guides are available at the Circulation Desk to assist in locating materials.

Student ID Cards

We issue student ID cards during your Freshman and Junior years.

If we give you a card that has a defect you can bring the card to the library. We’ll create a replacement at no cost to you.

If you lose your card we need to charge fifteen dollars to your school account for a replacement.