MBU Information Technology Maintenance

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If you have arrived at this page, the Maranatha Information Technology (IT) Department is performing maintenance on our technology systems.

Check back later for more details.


Note: this summer the IT Department moved all IT systems from the mbbc.edu domain to mbu.edu. These changes impacted many users; see the details below. Thank you for your patience as we worked to update and improve Maranatha’s technology infrastructure!

Have a question not answered here? Having problems? Contact the MBU IT Department at 920.206.2322 or email support@mbu.edu.

Domain Transition – Work Completed

Completed IT Maintenance

  • Friday, June 27th – Storage Area Network (SAN) Maintenance
    • Begins at 12:00AM, 2-3 hours of potential downtime (all systems)
  • Wednesday, July 2nd – VMware Maintenance 
    • Begins at 12:00AM, no downtime expected, but performance may be impacted (all systems)
  • Saturday, July 12th – Sunday, July 13th – MBU Domain Transition
    • Begins at 12:00AM Saturday morning, 48 hours of downtime expected (all systems)
  • Tuesday, August 18th – VMware Maintenance
    • Begins at 12:00AM, 1 hour of downtime expected (MyMaranatha, Email, MNet)
  • Saturday, September 6 – Sunday September 7 – SharePoint Maintenance
    • Begins at 12:00AM Saturday, MNet and BetaMNet unavailable all weekend

Domain Transition – Frequently Asked Questions

What will change after the MBU domain transition is complete?
After the transition is complete, MBU sites like my.mbbc.edu and mail.mbbc.edu will move to my.mbu.edu and mail.mbu.edu. We will do our best to redirect mbbc.edu links to the new mbu.edu locations. To log into systems that require the whole email address (like MNet/SharePoint), you will need to login with username@mbu.edu. (See next question.)

iOS/Android/Mac Mail Users: after the transition is complete, you will need to change your email server setting to mail.mbu.edu. Contact IT for more details.

Students: Mailboxes will be moved over the week of July 16-27. During this time continue to use https://mail.mbbc.edu. If you receive the error “The Outlook Web App address https://mail.mbbc.edu/owa is out of date.” when logging in, it means your account has been moved to the MBU email server. Go to https://mail.mbu.edu to log in after that point.

Will my username and password change?
For most people, no. Users currently using the FirstInitialLastName addresses (i.e. JSmith or JDoe) will be changed over to FirstName.LastName (i.e. John.Smith or Jane.Doe) on an individual basis. If your password does not work after the transition, contact us using the information below.

What is the timeline for transitioning my email from @mbbc.edu to @mbu.edu?
All Maranatha email users have been switched to use @mbu.edu addresses by default. However, we set up an additional address on all accounts (called an “alias”) so that users can continue receiving email directed to their @mbbc.edu address. However, this will only work until November 20, 2014. (See next question.)

I use my @mbbc.edu address in other websites (Amazon.com, eBay, etc.). Do we get any extended privilege for these other sites?
Unfortunately, no. You need to change your email address in these sites to use your @mbu.edu email. As of November 20, 2014, Maranatha will no longer own the mbbc.edu domain and no extensions or exceptions are available. This is the policy of EDUCAUSE, the organization that issues .edu web addresses.

Will my emails that went to my @mbbc.edu address disappear?
No, your entire mailbox (which includes email, calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks) will be copied to our new MBU email server.




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