Medical Professions Await Dean (’10), Mackey (’12)

Brynley DeanBrynley Dean (’10) describes her five-year academic challenge of earning a double major in piano performance and humanities/applied science as a somewhat diverse learning experience.

“Combining the two was very interesting at times,” Dean says. “I would go from analyzing a Beethoven sonata to dissecting a sheep brain.”

Dean is preparing to leave her current job as Administrative Assistant for Alumni Services to enter the accelerated nursing program at Johns Hopkins University. Emily Mackey, a 2012 graduate, will pursue postgraduate work in the medical professions. She will enroll in the physician assistant program at Arcadia University.

Dean has been interested in nursing since falling and breaking her femur (“the strongest bone in your body, actually”) and spending three weeks in the hospital as a young girl. She applied to Johns Hopkins expecting not to hear back “because it’s Johns Hopkins, the medical center.” But on February 3, Dean received a call congratulating her on having been accepted.

Brynley Dean“The Lord worked in that so much,” Dean says, “There are many reasons they might have chosen not to accept me. From my viewpoint, it was a small miracle. I’m still amazed at how God works.”

Dean will earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing over the next 13 months, allowing her to enter a career as a nurse practitioner with a specialization in women’s health or neonatal care.

Mackey tells an incredible grad school story. She entered Maranatha as a music major but switched to the biology/premed track at the end of her sophomore year. Thanks to a lot of hard work and summer school, she will graduate in May.

Emily Mackey“I’ve loved the science program here,” Mackey says. “Cramming all the science classes into two years has been pretty complicated, but Dr. Liu and Dr. Molitor have really worked with my schedule and prepared me well academically.”

Mackey applied to two physician assistant (PA) schools but was not expecting an interview at her first choice, Arcadia University in Christiana, DE. Arcadia told Mackey she had been placed on a waiting list—one that is almost never used. Two weeks after a surprise interview, however, Mackey was notified she had been accepted.

“God’s hand has been so evident through the past four years of undergrad,” Mackey says. “From starting as a music major, to changing majors, to applying to PA school, to finally being accepted—I’m so thankful and amazed at the way God has directed my steps to this PA school. I know for sure it is where He wants me.”

–By Deb Lew