Behavioral Agreement

As a Christian institution, Maranatha seeks to uphold a classroom atmosphere appropriate to learning and living a godly life. If you are applying for a Maranatha Online course, you are agreeing to respect this worldview.

If you’re a resident Maranatha student taking online courses, you will need to abide by student life policies as outlined in the Student Life Journal.

If you are enrolled solely in online courses, you will be under the authority and direction of your local church. You are not required to fulfill the policies of the Student Life Journal (SLJ), but you are asked to respect the reality that other students in the course are under these guidelines.

Students who cause disruptions or uncomfortable experiences for other students in the class on the types of topics outlined in the SLJ or those who break teacher-determined behavior expectations or those who evidence racial discrimination or sexual harassment may be asked to leave the course or may not be admitted to another online course.

Therefore, by initialing this field, I agree to respect the Christian worldview of this classroom and to follow any specific behavioral expectations as outlined by the class instructor. I also agree to report any inappropriate behavior I experience to my instructor or the Maranatha Online office.