Greek Grammar 1A

About This Course

Instructor Who Teaches This Course: Mr. Jonathan Rehfeldt

Rehfeldt“First year Greek is an important part of better understanding and using our Bibles.  Without a knowledge of the original languages, as Martin Luther said, the gospel must finally perish.  Of course, that can never happen! Those who choose to study and use them well have an important part in the preservation and presentation of the gospel in God’s plan.”

Course Details

Codex_Clarkianus_PhaedrusCode / Name: BIGK 109 − Greek Grammar 1A                                      (2 credits)

Description: An introductory course in New Testament Greek, including the study of word forms, sentence structure, and basic vocabulary. This course is equivalent to the first half of BIGK 111.

Required Text(s): Please use the online campus bookstore to locate required textbooks for the course. Make sure that you search using the correct course code and look for the course with the “OL” suffix in the drop-down list. (See Textbook Ordering Help.)