General Biology 1

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Instructor Who Teaches This CourseMrs. Jennifer Olt

Mrs. Jennifer Olt

Mrs. Jennifer Olt

General Biology 1 is a broad study of the small picture about life. We’ll survey everything the size of a cell and smaller, discussing the characteristics that all living things share. What makes this particularly exciting are the scientific experiments you’ll conduct in the confines of your own home to see what we’re studying come to life.”

General Biology 1Course Details

Code / Name: ASSC 120 − General Biology 1  (4 credits)

Description: A general introduction to the principles, concepts, and topics covered in the biological sciences. The coursework serves as a foundation for General Biology 2, Botany, Cell Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology, and other biological science courses; and provides an overview of biology as it applies to our daily lives, stressing a biblical view of our natural world.


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