Lifetime Learning Credit

Students in the degree completion program may see an option called “Lifetime Learning Credits” and wonder what that means. Unique to only the degree completion program, students may receive up to 12 credits for qualified learning experiences.

Here are the criteria esablished for Lifetime Learning:

1. Credit will be awarded for college-level learning, not for work experience.

2. The equivalent college-level learning need not be equivalent to current Maranatha courses.

3. The college-level learning must meet the academic standards of Maranatha and the Higher Learning Commission.

4. Determination of the number of credits will be at the discretion of the College.

5. Validation of learning may be provided through one of several methods:

a. CLEP exam

b. DSST credit by exams (formerly DANTES)

c. Military transcript

d. Directed portfolio

e. Professional certification

f. Occupational training (for college equivalent content)

g. ACE approvals

6. As appropriate, awarded credit will be determined by subject matter experts.

7. Lifetime learning credits must not be awarded for subject matter credits already earned.

8. Fees for lifetime learning credits will be based on assessment, not on the credits earned.

If you are in the degree completion program at Maranatha and are interested in pursuing Lifetime Learning credits, please contact our office to begin the process now!