Senior Testing for Bachelor’s Graduates

DegreecompletionAs you approach the completion of your Bachelor’s degree with Maranatha, you must complete Senior Testing. The purposes of it are for you to compare your progress to other graduating students and for us to evaluate our effectiveness. Your specific score on the testing does not affect your ability to graduate, but you will not receive your diploma until you complete it. There are no additional charges for Senior Testing, since they are wrapped into your $150 graduation fee.

Our students regularly produce results showing that Maranatha is having a profoundly positive impact on our students, and online students tend to score within +/- 1% of Main Campus students.

There are three phases to your Senior Testing:

  1. Exit Surveys. The links to two, short surveys, that you may complete without a proctor, will be emailed to you as you approach completion of the program.
  2. Bible Knowledge Testing. This will be hosted in MyMaranatha, and you will need a proctor to complete this. It lasts one hour.ETS-Logo-4C
  3. ETS® Proficiency Profile. ETS is a well-respected testing organization that allows your results and Maranatha’s institutional averages to the rest of the nation. This test will evaluate you in four, core skills areas.

Your Maranatha Online advisor will contact you when it is time to schedule testing. In order to do the Senior Testing you will need:

  • A computer with reliable internet connection
  • A Proctor
    • The proctor may not be a relative. Ideas for a proctor could be a local teacher, librarian, adult church member, pastor’s wife, etc.
    • You will need to tell your advisor who the proctor is, with both an email address and phone number for them.
    • You should give the proctor our office number (920-206-2323).
    • Instructions will be sent directly to the proctor via email.
  • About 3 hours to complete the two tests
    • The Bible Knowledge Test has a 1 hour time limit.
    • The ETS Proficiency Profile has a 2 hour time limit.