Taking Seminary Classes as an Undergraduate Student

DegreeCompletionThe Maranatha Online Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (degree-completion) program affords students the opportunity to take up to 17 graduate credits from our Seminary (or possibly the Master of Education program; inquire for details) to apply to both this undergraduate degree and a future graduate program. For all master’s degree programs except the Master of Divinity, that means you can graduate with your bachelor’s degree and already be halfway done with a master’s degree!

So, how can you take advantage of this great opportunity?

  1. Apply for and be accepted into the undergraduate program.
  2. Complete the required classes in the undergraduate Biblical studies core or transfer in their equivalents.
  3. You must have at least the 17 credits of available space in your undergraduate degree from Bible Electives, Open Electives, or your concentration(s).
  4. Take GST 510 − Prolegomena (1 credit) before any other graduate-level courses.
  5. Seminary GraduationYou are not able to register yourself for graduate-level courses, so you will have to communicate this to your advisor.
    • Note: You will always be advised using undergraduate courses to meet your undergraduate requirements. It is your responsibility to check Seminary course availability and notify your advisor for registration in a Seminary course. You are also responsible to track what classes you would need for a future graduate degree.

So if you’re looking forward to finally graduating from college, why not get halfway through your graduate degree at the same time?