Transferring Credit to Maranatha

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Many students coming to Maranatha Online bring in transfer coursework from other universities or recognized, credit-granting agencies (Advanced Placement, CLEP/DSST, etc.). Maranatha accepts credits earned from all accredited post-secondary institutions in North America and foreign institutions with similar recognition. We also accept credits earned from manyCLEP unaccredited institutions on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Registrar at Maranatha. Students may be required to supply official documentation from the school if it is not readily available online. Common factors considered in making a determination include faculty credentials, publication of a course catalog, and compatibility of curriculum with Maranatha. Official transfer determination will only be made after the receipt of an official transcript received directly from the institution awarding credit.

Non-academic coursework credits (e.g. orientation or fieldwork), courses competed with a grade below C-, and audits are not transferred into Maranatha.

Maranatha Registrar's OfficeWhile Maranatha may accept credits from other institutions, the Registrar may determine that the content or underlying philosophy does not correspond with Maranatha’s curriculum. For instance, credits earned in study of the New Testament from a secular junior college may be accepted as electives but will not meet the requirements of our Biblical Studies Core. Such situations may require students to “re-take” courses through Maranatha.

Generally, 98 credits is the maximum number of transfer credits accepted into the degree-completion program. Since the program is 128 credits and a minimum of 30 credits must be earned through Maranatha, previously earned credits beyond 98 will not appear on a student worksheet.

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