What are “prerequisites?”

Prerequisites are courses that a student is required to take before gaining entrance into another, often higher-level course. The reason that prerequisites are put in place is most often to make sure that each student has the knowledge that he or she will need to be successful in the higher course.

Intro Prereqs

In the above example, the prerequisites are listed as BIBI111 (Old Testament Survey), BIBI112 (New Testament Survey), and HUEN 122 (English Composition 2). That means the instructor will assume that you are familiar with the entire content of the Bible survey courses and that you have the ability to do research writing at a collegiate level.

With Maranatha Online, you will often see “HUEN 122,” or English Composition 2, as a prerequisite to sophomore courses and above (200+ level). The reason for this is that professors of these courses have a research writing requirement in the course, and English Composition 2 is where the student would be taught about research writing. You can view what prerequisites are required for any course by looking at the course’s page from our master list of online courses.