High School Sequence Option

Girl Computer RoomHigh school students may take Maranatha Baptist University courses to meet both their current high school requirements and future collegiate major. Please check with your high school principal or guidance counselor to see how you can use dual-credit at your school. Motivated students may even complete the first year of most majors available at Maranatha during their junior and senior years of high school.

Students following a typical schedule take one, eight-week online college course each of the six online sessions beginning with the summer session before their junior year of high school.

Although high schools routinely accept college courses toward graduation requirements, students should make arrangements with their high school before assuming the college courses will be acceptable substitutes for graduation requirements.

Upper level college courses may have prerequisite requirements, and careful planning is necessary if students expect to complete college in three years. Please contact your Maranatha Online advisor for assistance early.

Maranatha Online college courses can meet most remaining high school graduation requirements through the dual credit option.

YearSummer JuniorSummerSenior
MOnline New Testament SurveyMOnline Old Testament Survey
*High School- American Literature*High School- British Literature
MOnline English Composition IMOnline English Composition 2
*High School- U.S. History*High School-Government
High School- Elective
MOnline Math CourseMOnline CourseMOnline Major Field Course
MOnline CourseMOnline Science CourseMOnline CourseMOnline Major Field Course
Total H.S. Credits12181824
Total College Credits3152133

*May be completed through Maranatha Virtual Academy. Students can also enroll in Maranatha Virtual Academy and experience considerable financial benefit by completing their last two years of high school and their first year of college for a total cost of around $10,000 at current prices. For more information about a course plan for a specific major, contact the MVA Administrator. To apply for Maranatha Virtual Academy, fill out this application.