Full Tuition Camp Scholarship Performance Contest:

Four Full Tuition Camp Scholarships will be awarded this year.

Make a video recording of yourself performing a selection by April 10:

  • Choose one of the following: vocal, instrumental, piano, or strings.
  • State your name and selection before performing.
  • Limit the selection to a maximum of 7 minutes.
  • Upload the selection to youtube.
  • Copy the link to Maranatha’s Music & Drama Facebook Page.

Selection of Winners:

  • One pianist, vocalist, instrumentalist, and string player will be chosen.
  • 33% of the vote will be determined by the recording getting the most likes on Facebook by May 1.
  • 2 faculty members from the track (piano faculty for the piano entries, band faculty for the instrumental entries, etc.) will also cast a vote (33% each). The faculty will be grading based on overall musicianship, technical proficiency, accuracy, and level of difficulty.
  • Winners will be announced on Facebook on May 15.