Quality leadership training

ROTC programs accept young people who are athletes, leaders, and scholars. These students receive training in leadership skills they can use for the rest of their life. Many former officers have used their ROTC leadership skills to become successful business or government leaders.

Students enrolled in ROTC programs do not join the Army. Instead, they take ROTC classes for credit while pursuing a regular college degree. Upon successful completion of the program, cadets become commissioned officers in the United States Military.

US Army ROTC minor

The US Army ROTC minor consists of 18 semester hours. Students take Theories & Models of Leadership, as well as 15 hours of electives such as Foundations of Officership, Basic Leadership, and Leadership & Teamwork.


The US Army ROTC concentration consists of 12 semester hours. Courses include Theories and Models of Leadership and nine hours of electives.

The Air Force ROTC concentration consists of 16 hours. Courses include Foundations of the United States Air Force, the Evolution of Air Space & Power, and Air Force Leadership Studies.