The mission of Maranatha is to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory.”

Maranatha’s doctrinal statement and mission statement are the foundation from which the Guiding Core Values were developed.

These documents guide the spiritual aspect of Maranatha while the Institutional Learning Objectives guide the learning aspect:

  • Communication Skills: Students will demonstrate competence in written, oral, and aesthetic communication.
  • Critical Thinking:  Students will apply a framework for logical decision-making in various contexts.
  • Quantitative Reasoning:  Students will use and apply quantitative problem-solving skills in life and work.
  • Scientific Reasoning:  Students will explain scientific theories related to origins and defend the purposeful design(s) of God.
  • Historical & Cultural Understanding:  Students will recognize and evaluate the ideas, trends, and cultures of various social groups.
  • Biblical Knowledge:  Students will acquire skills related to biblical study methods, interpretation, and doctrine.
  • Biblical World View:  Students will articulate a worldview that will tie all fields of study to the Scriptures “to the Praise of His Glory.”
  • Biblical Application:  Students will use discernment in moral situations by applying Biblical precepts and principles to contemporary issues and lifestyle choices.
  • Servant Leadership:  Students will model humble, Christlike service in their individual spheres of influence.