Maranatha’s Community Breakfast Series

Last Thursday morning, Maranatha’s Dining Room was filled with students, staff, faculty members, and members of the local community to learn more about the state of Wisconsin’s economic marketing efforts. Tricia Braun, COO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, presented “In Wisconsin”; an effort to “Think-Make-Happen” in Wisconsin; focused on recruiting industry and workforce to our state.

Students can be seen sitting next to business owners and Watertown leaders alike while eating breakfast before and during the speaker’s presentation. After the speakers are done, conversations spring up around the room and continue for a good amount of time.

Ms. Braun’s presentation was a continuation of a series of “Community Breakfast” that Maranatha has hosted on its campus. Since the spring of 2013, Steve Board, MBU Director of Development, has worked with the school of Business and community leaders to recruit guest speakers to the MBU campus.

Why do we have these “Community Breakfasts” as Mr. Board likes to call them? When asked, he provided four key objectives for the breakfasts:

To Benefit Students

“Why wouldn’t we get some of the best thinkers we can to talk to students?” was the question that Mr. Board started the conversation with. The first obvious reason to have these breakfasts is to give students yet another opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Listening to different types of speakers and subjects provides a deep breadth of information for the students regarding many fields of study and interest

Additionally, the students are given the opportunity to make connections that will benefit them both during their college career and afterward. Prior to and after the presentations; students have the opportunity to meet business leaders, local leaders and others, helping them create a network of contacts going forward.

To Help Local Business

These Community Business Breakfasts assist local businesses by bringing thought leaders to Watertown, allowing many to gain insight into the current trends and business models that may be applied to their products and services. The breakfasts also provide a networking opportunity for the businesses themselves, as many attend these occasions who do not, necessarily, participate in other activities within the community.

Many in the community use these events to promote their own activities, and to keep Watertown and the surrounding areas familiar with the events and opportunities that exist.

 Introduce People to MBU

One reason for holding Community Breakfasts is just to get local people on MBU’s campus. The first breakfast each year occurs in August before the students return, and targets thanking the community for their support while explaining the events upcoming in the new school year. Things like: Kiddie Kampus, our music prep program, dramatic productions, and athletic programs are some of the subjects covered.

While we are a prominent part of Watertown, often people don’t understand what we are about until they come onto campus. These breakfasts are good tools to share our heart with the local community and get them to see what we are about.

Create Opportunities for MBU

All the educational information, practical information, and connections don’t mean much unless we use them. Part of the way we can use these things is by garnering more opportunities for MBU and her students.

The breakfasts have provided many opportunities for MBU, including having Governor Scott Walker on campus in February 2015; and Senator Ron Johnson in April 2018. The energy, warmth and kindness shown by the MBU family has encouraged our speakers to encourage others to come and share here.

MBU continues to nurture and grow relationships within our local community so that we may have an impact here for Christ. The Community Breakfast Series is just one way that we are able to establish relationships within this community that will provide opportunities to share the Gospel here.

To learn more about upcoming community breakfasts, go here. You can RSVP to reserve your spot at the next breakfast.