What makes Maranatha Special?

“So, what makes Maranatha special?”


This is one of those questions I get as a rep for Maranatha almost daily. People want to know what makes MBU different, what we’re all about, and what is our heart. When I started as a rep, my first answers would be about our phenomenal academics, accreditation, NCAA sports teams, traveling music groups, or drama productions.


I’ll never forget a question that I received from a parent at a church one night, “How important is the Bible at Maranatha, though?” I almost didn’t know how to respond! We’re a Christian University, obviously its important! Duh! Why would you even ask?


This thought slammed into my brain right after I thought those things: How much do I have to take for granted how much Maranatha emphasizes the Bible that I would not mention it at someone looking to come to Maranatha?


Rebuked, I went on to explain that at MBU the Bible is of utmost importance. I explained how we might have phenomenal academics, sports teams, and the rest but all of those things are excellent because we attempt to do them in a biblical way. We start class in prayer, and most teachers will share a quick biblical thought at some point in a lesson. All teachers teach our core values from a biblical worldview.


I took for granted the fact that what makes Maranatha special or different is that Maranatha seeks to equip students for the workforce, yes, but more importantly for the Christian life. If I wanted to get a degree in sport management, I could do that probably in any state in America. What made me choose to go 500 miles away from where I was born was the fact that Maranatha will teach me sport management from a biblical worldview.


A teacher’s worldview will play out in how they teach a subject. Would you rather have someone with a biblical worldview be teaching you then, or a secular worldview? While learning from unsaved people can or sometimes must, be done, is it wiser to learn from Christians who are equally qualified to teach?


I think we throw around the word “worldview” so much that we take for granted its power. Never underestimate the power of someone’s influence in your life, direct or indirectly. While it is easy to take for granted, if you are in a place where biblical worldviews are prevalent, enjoy it! As a student in a Christian high school, it is easy to think that the public university’s “grass is greener.” While not wrong to go to, you could be making it harder on yourself than you realize.


So, what makes Maranatha special?


The biblical emphasis, the godly teachers, and concern for the spiritual welfare of her students as they receive higher education.