Lorraine Yant Outstanding Musician

2021 Outstanding Musician—Lorraine Yant

The Maranatha Baptist University Department of Music is pleased to announce Lorraine Yant as the 2021 Senior Outstanding Musician. The Outstanding Senior Musician award is given to the graduate whom the music faculty believes completely exhibits the qualities of the spirit of Maranatha through music. This student is selected on the basis of musicianship, academic merit, spiritual and character qualities, and Christian service.

Yant graduates as a Music major with piano performance, piano pedagogy, and string pedagogy concentrations. “It has been such a joy to teach Lorraine these past few years.  She is meticulous in her preparation and attention to the myriad details in the music,” remarks Yant’s private lesson teacher June Brus. “Coupled with a work ethic second to none, this makes for performances in which every note has been considered and carefully crafted.”

Along with her course load, Yant also accompanied the university Chamber Singers, performed in several recitals, played violin in the university orchestra, and taught in the Maranatha Prep School.

Mrs. Ruth Brown states, “Lorraine is passionate about every single assignment, every class hour.  She maximizes her practice time for every lesson, and this shows up in her performances.  This passion for excellence is contagious and her students benefit from this.”

“Lorraine is an outstanding musician, a passionate teacher, and an exemplary Christian. Lorraine’s musicianship is evident in performing difficult works that require nuanced expression and understanding. Her organization and discipline in learning these pieces sets her apart,” remarks Dr. David Ledgerwood. “Her students appreciate her cheerful personality and the commitment she demonstrates in helping them achieve their goals. Lorraine’s gracious spirit to her teachers and colleagues reveals a relationship with the Lord that transcends all that she does.”

Brus continues, “Lorraine has been an invaluable asset to the music department through her leadership and generous encouragement to both her peers and her students.  Her faith is the bedrock of her character, and shines through her every effort to be the best she can be to the praise of His glory.”

Congratulations to MBU’s 2021 Outstanding Senior Musician—Lorraine Yant.