2022 Fall Concert Preview

With the 2022-2023 fall semester in full swing, Maranatha will be presenting a fresh batch of recitals and concerts for your enjoyment. Along with attending the many student recitals this semester, you will have additional opportunities to enjoy the musical talent of visiting guests as well as familiar faces from Maranatha.

Fulton Chamber Players: String Trio

To kickstart the semester’s Music on Mondays concert series, the Fulton Chamber Players will present two concerts in Burckart Hall on Monday, September 19. The performers include Addison Teng and Paul Hauer on violin and Amy Hess on the viola.
The group operates under the Fulton Music Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing students with well-rounded repertoire and a technical skillset to make them leaders for this generation of musicians and beyond.
Both of these concerts will feature various selections from J. S. Bach and Dvořák. The children’s concert intended for families with younger kids begins at 6PM, and a second concert intended for college musicians and musical enthusiasts follows at 7PM. Whatever your age, the Fulton Chamber Players will provide you with an evening to remember.

Cucunato: Guitar

On Friday, September 23, Louis Cucunato returns to Maranatha’s campus to share his enthusiasm and passion for the guitar. His concert will begin at 4PM.
A Milwaukee native, he started classical guitar at the age of thirteen and earned a BA in Music Performance at University of Wisconsin and an MA in Music Performance at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.
While having much experience in performance, Cucunato also composes and teaches private lessons at his present residence in Wauwatosa, WI, and at MBU. Additionally, he serves as Vice President of the Board of Musicā Oramus Catholic Conservatory.
Enjoy “Entracte,” a crowd favorite from one of his previous performances.

Steinbarts: Strings

The concert on Friday, September 30, includes faculty and alumni you may recognize from around campus. Melody and Joseph Steinbart, accompanied by pianists Ruth Brown and Grace Betry, will present a faculty music recital for listeners to enjoy in Burckart Hall.
A violin teacher and member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Melody Steinbart holds a BA in String Pedagogy and an MA in Violin Performance. Currently, she teaches both private and group string lessons at Maranatha, as well as several university music courses including string pedagogy, music theory, and music history.
A church music major and award-winning chamber music performer, Joseph Steinbart holds an MA in Viola Performance and String Pedagogy. Having won competitions during school for his performances, he has played on the radio as well as for schools and charities and continues to enjoy working in chamber music.
The Steinbarts’ repertoire includes Deutscher’s “Cinderella Trio,” an arrangement of Clarkin’s “My Song is Love Unknown,” a finale with Handel and Halvorson’s “Passacaglia,” and many more. Embrace the opportunity to appreciate the years of hard work and honed skills put in by musicians in Maranatha’s Music Department. The concert begins at 4PM.
Listen to “Balm in Gilead” from one of their previous performances.

Gingery: Voice

On Friday, September 16, Dr. Philip A. Gingery will present “Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs,” a collection of Scriptural texts set to music and accompanied by his sister, Christa Gingery Habegger, on the piano.
A professional vocalist with a BA and M.Mus. in Voice Performance, Philip Gingery has performed both musical and pastoral duties in churches and has taught numerous classes on music at several Bible colleges. Christa Gingery Habegger holds a BA and MA in Voice and Piano Performance from Bob Jones University and has participated in operas and oratorios during her over forty-year career there.
Beginning at 4PM, the concert will include well-known classics from J. S. Bach’s Magnificat and Handel’s Messiah as well as modern works from John Ness Beck and Faye López. Those with a love for Scripture and music can come to meditate on the inspired Word of God and see the unwavering passion for Him displayed by the performers.
Here is “And die ferne Geliebte, Op. 98” from one of their previous performances.


written by Jack Bovay