Carolyn Peters Horn Recital

Carolyn Peters Horn Recital Highlights

Carolyn Peters recently performed an excellent senior horn recital. Carolyn is a hard-working student who strives to do her best in everything she puts her mind to do. Her bubbly personality frequently livens up the music hallway. Carolyn uses the skills she has learned in the classroom and applies them in ensembles such as Symphonic Band. We wish Carolyn the best as she begins her student teaching in Elementary Classroom Music at Harford Christian School, Darlington, Maryland. Darcy Hamlin comments, “Carolyn was truly a delight to teach and made so much progress in her playing!”

Highlights of Carolyn’s recital along with her program notes are available below.

Horn Concerto No. 1 in D Major, Mozart

This concerto was originally written for natural horn, a horn without valves. This is the only Mozart concerto written in D Major, and it only has two movements—unlike most concertos which usually have three. Mozart specifically composed this for his friend Leutgeb, and he wrote several witty remarks in the rondo movement. Mozart mocks the player as they continue to repeat his theme over and over again by writing sentiments such as, “You’re going to bore me for the fourth time,” and, “Oh, finish now, I beg of you!”

Bagatelle, Neuling

Twentieth century music often has an angular and unrelatable sound. “Bagatelle,” however, denies that stereotype by portraying a tonally exciting piece. Large leaps spanning over two octaves, varying articulations, and extreme dynamics make this piece a challenging but rewarding piece to play.

Carolyn Peters prepared her recital under the direction of Ms. Darcy Hamlin as part of her Music Education Degree.