Cassandra Harris Clarinet Recital Highlights

Cassandra Harris recently performed her senior clarinet recital. Programming pieces by composers including Saint-Sëans, Cavallini, and Bernstein, among others, Harris showcased well her ability to play in many different styles. As a Music Education major, she was also able to display her abilities and knowledge in the wonderful world of music. Mrs. Ruth Brown commented, “Cassie showed wonderful poise in her performance and played with legato, flowing lines and a good balance between her and her accompanist.”

Harris collaborated with Hope Ostrander, Lydia Bachorik, and fellow clarinetist Tyler Sherbert.

Pictures and highlights along with program notes from Cassandra’s recital are available below.

Rêverie Russe, Cavallini

Lydia Bachorik, flute

Harris writes, “Of all the decisions I had to make for this recital, I knew that I wanted to do some ensemble piece. This Cavallini piece is a theme and variation with a twist at the end. The consistent flow of scales and arpeggios with the flute made it difficult to knit together but creates a beautiful conversation between the flute and clarinet parts.”

Sonate Op. 167

“It is a common phrase in my lessons for me to ‘play like an opera singer,’” recalls Cassie, “and the first movement of this piece calls for that expressiveness and attention to detail in the long lyrical phrases and short technical passages. The third movement, however, is the reason I picked this piece. Saint-Sëans creates a sound like an echo within the third movement with the loud lower beginning and switching to the soft upper register in the second half.”


Cassie Harris’s clarinet recital was prepared under the direction of Dr. Brian Gnojek and is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education.