Julia Bachorik Recital

Julia Bachorik’s Piano Recital Highlights

Julia Bachorik recently gave her senior piano recital. Bachorik’s performance of well-loved pieces like Holst’s Jupiter from The Planets and beloved hymns “Softly and Tenderly” and “Revive Us Again” touched hearts and encouraged listeners. Bachorik also incorporated her family throughout the recital. Sister Lydia Bachorik performed alongside Julia in a duet for flute and piano composed by another sister, Alicia Bachorik Armstrong. Bachorik’s technique and ability were proven effective in her outstanding presentation of these excellent pieces.


Photos from Julia’s recital as well as excerpts and program notes are available.


Années de pèlerinage, Deuxième années, S. 161, Franz Liszt

Deuxième années is the second in three suites Liszt wrote. The title translates to Years of Pilgrimage, referring to the composer’s travels. This piece is based on a painting by Raphael that depicts the marriage of the Virgin Mary to Joseph. Liszt uses a repeating intervallic theme to illustrate the tolling of bells in the church. The piece also includes quiet, introspective moments. To me, these sound like moments of quiet prayer throughout the ceremony. These tranquil moments open into a kind of wedding march with the bells cascading down the keyboard.


Softly and Tenderly, arr. Dan Forrest

Bachorik writes, “Throughout my childhood, I loved hearing my dad’s college choir sing in concerts. His programs always ended with a beautiful choral setting of this hymn. This text includes both an invitation to the weary, and the assurance of mercy and pardon each time we run to Jesus.”


The Planets, I. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, Gustav Holst

with Emily Kindstedt, Piano

Although this piece is better known as an orchestral suite, Holst originally scored it for two pianos. Each movement of The Planets was intended to represent an idea or emotion associated with that planet. This movement displays both the jolliness Jupiter represents, as well as the vastness of space. When the forward motion of the piece slows, time is almost suspended as the melody unfolds. The energy returns with a vibrant tremolo that pulls the audience back to the cheery theme.




Julia Bachorik’s piano recital was prepared under the direction of June Brus in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with concentrations in Piano Pedagogy and String Pedagogy.