Classical Kids Concert 2024 | Music in Motion

Maranatha’s Symphonic Band and Chamber Strings performed the 20th annual Classical Kids Concert under the direction of Dr. David Brown, Ms. Melody Steinbart, and Mr. Andrew Bonnema. Every year, Maranatha music students and teachers prepare these concerts to share the joys of hearing and playing classical music with the next generation. This year’s concert, hosted at Calvary Baptist Church, welcomed around 500 school kids and teachers/parents.

This year’s concert featured the theme “Music in Motion – A Musical Adventure with Leroy Anderson.” The entire concert featured pieces from twentieth century composer Leroy Anderson. The performers played many of his most famous pieces, including “Bugler’s Holiday,” “Syncopated Clock,” and “Sleigh Ride.”

Listeners of all ages enjoyed the performances. “It was a pleasure to attend the Classical Kids Concert,” commented one guest, Emma Lou Hughes. “It was wonderful on a number of levels, and I’d like to see you travel and perform in other areas of Wisconsin.”

The Classical Kids Concert provides Maranatha students an opportunity not only to entertain but also to minister to kids in the community. “The Classical Kids Concert is a great ministry opportunity,” reflected one performer, Jackson Schoonover. “I greatly enjoyed playing French horn in the band and seeing the kids have fun.”

Abel Brower, a trombonist, commented, “Performing for the Classical Kid’s Concert with the other MBU musicians this past Thursday was not just a musical journey for the audience, but a heartwarming reflection of my past. I remember sitting in awe of college students at similar concerts, thinking, ‘These people are the greatest and coolest ever.’ They inspired me to practice my instrument more faithfully and gave me something to shoot for. I am humbled by opportunities like this to stand where they stood with my friends, potentially sparking the same fire in the hearts of the next generation of young musicians, and an even greater honor is to present the fruits of our labor as an offering to God.”

Click here to see photos of the concert.

View a recording of the concert below.