A New Era | Dr. David Anderson, Sixth President

On August 29, 2023, Dr. David Anderson became Maranatha Baptist University’s sixth president. A 1986 and 2022 graduate, he took office on August 1, 2023. With 32 years of church ministry experience and roles on various boards, Dr. Anderson was well-prepared for this leadership position.

Dedication and installation services on August 29 marked the beginning of his tenure. These services highlighted Dr. Anderson’s commitment to ministry and Maranatha’s legacy.

Maranatha’s mission is to develop leaders for the local church and the world “to the praise of His glory”. In action, this mission is seen in the way the people at Maranatha care for one another. Dr. Anderson personally strives to mentor individuals to be like Christ.

At the dedication service, Dr. Anderson’s son Daniel articulated, “Since the consistent pattern of my dad’s life has been to pursue the formation of Christ in individuals, and since MBU’s mission is to glorify God through the development of leaders, and since God is glorified through the formation of Christ in individuals, then I can commend to you Dr. Anderson as the next president of MBU.”

At the close of the dedication service, Dr. Anderson invited 16 men whom he considers mentors and friends to join him on the platform, lay hands on him, and dedicate him to the ministry at Maranatha. As he introduced them, he spoke of the relationships that were built with each man through various ministries. Each of those relationships gave evidence of Dr. Anderson’s care for people.

In the installation service, Victoria Kirby, Maranatha’s 2023-2024 Student Body President, shared that the most valuable aspect of Maranatha to the student body is the care that people show one another.

“Through this campus-wide emphasis on caring, our character is sharpened and forged. These relationships in turn help us grow in our walk with God. This is what we, as students, view as one of the most valuable assets of our lives here at Maranatha,” Kirby emphasized.

When Dr. Anderson took the podium to make his first official presidential remarks, it was clear that what the students value most about their school, their new president valued too. He took time to share his heart concerning Maranatha’s faculty and staff, constituents, and students. The theme that underscored each focus was care.

“I am not your pastor,” Anderson explained to the faculty and staff. “But like a shepherd, I desire by God’s grace to cherish and nourish you; to lead you to follow Christ and excel in your own ministry to and for Him.”

Anderson addressed Maranatha’s constituents, specifically parents, churches, and alumni. To them, he compared himself to a schoolmaster and fellow helper. Anderson expressed a desire that graduates would leave Maranatha closer to their Lord and faithful to Him.

Lastly, the new president addressed the students. Anderson described his deep desire to be their spiritual father and mentor.

“By God’s grace, we’ll grow and walk together,” he stated.

The investiture of Dr. David Anderson was a beautiful recitation of God’s goodness, grace, and mercy to Maranatha and her constituents. As Maranatha enters a new era, may God bless the university that strives to be “to the praise of His glory”.