An Opportunity to Lead | Maranatha’s Leadership Scholarship

Every year, incoming Maranatha students receive a variety of scholarships that significantly help their school bills. A number of 2019 high school seniors received the Maranatha Leadership Scholarship from a pastor or alumnus. These students shared how it impacted them financially and spiritually.

Relieving the Burden

For some students, the scholarship helped make their dreams of coming to a spiritually focused campus come true. Sophomore Jeremy Fopma, a Pastoral Studies major, said that the scholarship “made me consider Maranatha as an option because it was cheaper than other colleges but still agreed with my biblical views. I believe this scholarship is for helping men and women who have a heart for ministry be able to afford the next step in their education.” With the financial help of Maranatha, Fopma is able to earn a degree while attending a spiritually focused school.

Other students were given this scholarship because their families were unable to provide the financial means to attend Maranatha. Naomi Gauger, a Missions major, stated that the scholarship “relieved a major financial burden…it covered what we couldn’t.” Because of Maranatha’s Leadership Scholarship, Gauger can afford the expenses of attending a private school.

The scholarship also provides a way to avoid significant debt. Sophomore Music major Lydia Bachorik said, “This scholarship and others have been a major factor in helping me remain debt-free so far.” With the money that the scholarship provides, students can have a long-term budget plan that affects their future years. Other students find Maranatha’s scholarships the only opportunity for returning to campus. Myah Hoffmann, a Missions major, noted, “It really helped me financially to come back to MBU and keep studying what I love. I love ministry and encouraging others in God’s Word.” Maranatha’s Leadership Scholarship provides finances to students so they can attend a school with a Christ-centered atmosphere while being able to afford the costs it entails.

Developing the Leader

Not only does the Leadership Scholarship assist students financially, but it helps many students position themselves to lead on campus. For example, the scholarship helped Tyler Lacock, a Pastoral Studies major, be in student leadership: “I am excited this year to have the privilege of leading my society,” said Lacock. “The Lord has allowed me to be able to develop my leadership skills through the task of being the president of the Raptors. I am excited to see how the Lord will not only grow and stretch me as a leader but also grow and change my society. However, society is not everything. I am excited to see who all the Lord brings into my life that I am able to influence and challenge them [to grow] in Christlikeness, but at the same time [be] challenged by them to grow in Christlikeness.”

Being able to serve on campus is important in developing the students’ future leadership skills for ministry. Maranatha students have found that the scholarship provides them with other various leadership opportunities at school. Some students like Alexandra Gaul, a sophomore studying Elementary Teacher Education, are serving in their own dorm room. Gaul said, “I am excited to serve and lead in my room this year. As a first-year room leader, I am excited to lead and challenge my roommates through devotions and practical challenges. I am excited to help them and see them grow in academics and spiritual areas of life.” Another student who actively shows dorm leadership as a Resident Assistant is Alyssa Jessee, a junior Nursing major, who stated, “I am an RA and have enjoyed the time getting to know the girls on my floor and being able to connect with people that I probably wouldn’t have before.”

Preparing for the Future

These leadership opportunities benefit the entire college campus and are made possible through the financial aid of the scholarship. With the Leadership Scholarship, students are financially able to attend Maranatha Baptist University while committing themselves to use their leadership qualities year-round. Whether fulfilling dreams of coming to a spiritually-minded campus, easing the financial burdens on families or giving opportunities for student leadership, the Maranatha Leadership Scholarship gives students a way to achieve their life goals.


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