Dr. Lane Hansel | Continuing Teamwork

Have you ever watched a sports team sign a free agent that just seemed to fit?

I’m not just referring to a big-name player that fits because he is talented. No, I am talking about a player who already embodies the culture and direction of a team, who also has great ability, and becomes an incredible asset to your favorite sports team.

A perfect fit between player and team is satisfying to watch in real life as well as sports.

At a place like Maranatha, where the institution is designed to develop and train leaders for the local church and the world, there is no better fit than the selection of Dr. Lane Hansel as the new Chair of the Applied Science Department.

Where did he come from?

Dr. Hansel has a unique blend of expertise and experience. He graduated with a Bachelors in Biology and received a Master’s of Science in both Microbiology and Counseling Psychology which have combined to make him an excellent biology teacher over the years.

He also earned his Doctorate in Administrative Leadership, and that title is an expression of his heartbeat. After years of teaching in the science classroom, Hansel was called to lead Maranatha Baptist Academy as the administrator for the past nine years.

The Ideal Team Player

As the new leader of MBA, Hansel focused on building a team to teach students and build future leaders.

Hansel is a leadership junky. He is not concerned with his own recognition but with the needs of his teammates. Hansel says his plan for leading the Academy was to establish a culture of team. “The strategy was to be available for the teachers and help them accomplish their jobs,” he says, “By giving each of these groups a voice, we have been able to develop a true Academy family environment.”

Now, there are plenty of people who talk about “team-first” culture, but they never truly implement it. But Hansel’s time in the Academy and the testimony of his teachers show that he succeeded in establishing a team culture. The words of his own teachers (or as Dr. Hansel views them – teammates) confirm that Hansel is teamwork personified.

“Dr. Hansel truly embodied what it means to be a team leader. Teamwork was a theme from his earliest days as an administrator and is something he not only preached, but practiced. Our input was always valued and considered. I greatly appreciate his leadership and am a better teacher for the time I worked for him.”

“Identity and team are the first things that come to mind. He worked every day to build team as a faculty and staff and a school.”

“Dr. Hansel exhibited leadership through encouraging service, viewing each person as a trusted member of the team.”

“He has been our biggest advocate. He always had our back and ‘stuck up’ for us.”

“Dr. Hansel has been extremely flexible and always willing to ‘step in’ and meet both the professional and family needs of his teachers.”

“Dr. Hansel has the unique ability to set aside everything and make your need his need.”

He came to give them a voice, build teamwork, and partner with parents and students alike to build a better educational environment. And that is exactly what he did. If you want a servant-minded and team-focused leader, look no further than Dr. Hansel.

Connecting with the University

Dr. Hansel is dedicated to developing leaders in every part of his life. He even used coaching high school sports to develop his players and their coaches as leaders.

He regularly recruited university students to help him as assistant coaches and used that opportunity as a coaching internship. This interaction with university students gave him the opportunity to develop them as leaders and also teach them how to inspire the athletes they were coaching to be leaders as well. 

Continuing Teamwork in Applied Sciences

When you combine his leadership abilities, his multiple science degrees, and his years of teaching experience, Dr. Lane Hansel becomes a wonderful fit to lead Maranatha Baptist University’s Applied Science Department. Students and faculty alike can expect growth. They have a leader who is experienced, excited, and driven for what the future holds.

His vision for his new role is to create a culture of team amongst the faculty and students, work towards increasing enrollment into the program, connect with alumni, and continue to expand degree and course offerings.

The evidence of his past accomplishments leave no doubt that Hansel will effectively tackle this next challenge at the undergraduate level. He is passionate about the world God created, he is passionate about developing leaders, and he is passionate about investing in the faculty and students.

He looks to upgrade the program first by teaching. His extensive knowledge of Biology will add depth to the current programs, and his vision-minded leadership provides an engine to increase both the courses and the degrees offered in the department. 

If there was ever a time to be an Applied Science faculty member or student, it’s now! Dr. Hansel relates and works alongside his teachers, he mentors and disciples his students, and he takes whatever team he is leading to the next level. That is the Lane Hansel effect.