Davis Appoints New Vice President for Advancement: Tim McPhillips

Since Maranatha’s inception, leadership roles have been filled providentially. From Dr. Cedarholm and the first faculty and staff to each successive president and their leadership teams, the Lord has proven good and gracious in providing wisdom and expertise. Maranatha welcomes Tim McPhillips to the family of servants in the role of Vice President for Advancement.  

Changing of the Guard

For over 20 years, Dr. Jim Harrison served in the areas of Public Relations, Recruitment, Admissions, Guest Relations, Communications, and most recently, Online & Distance Learning. Under his leadership, Maranatha confronted changes to many standard operating procedures in these behind-the-scenes areas of the process. Harrison led teams to innovate in modern solutions to represent the cutting-edge University that Maranatha has grown to be. In 2014, his team successfully launched the brand refresh to the campus community as well as the constituent base that now recognizes its strong elements such as the shield, the Sabercat, and the navy and gold combination that so perfectly signal the family of brands.  

The Man for the Job

Dr. Davis wrote the following communication to the Board of Trustees: “Tim is a 2001 graduate of Maranatha with a BS in Biblical Studies. He went on to Calvary, Lansdale where he received an MA in Theological Studies. He is currently enrolled in Maranatha’s D.Min program which he plans to complete in due course. Tim and his wife, Mandy, have five children – their two oldest are in high school, and in the last few years they have adopted three young children through the foster care system in California.  

Since graduating, Tim and Mandy have established a pattern of faithfulness in ministry in the local church. Tim has supported multiple church planting efforts – first assisting our own Dr. Bryan Brock in Southern California in his church plant, and later serving as senior pastor of a church plant in Northern California. While serving in these roles, Tim was bi-vocational and saw success serving as a military contractor in defense logistics. As you will see in his statement below, Tim has always been a vocal supporter of Maranatha. I appreciate that he is not a ‘yes man’ – he has privately and respectfully voiced concerns to the administration over the years as questions arise. And yet everyone I talked to as a reference described him as the most ardent supporter of MBU they had ever met. This indicates to me that he has both discernment and discretion that will prove valuable to the ministry in this highly visible role.” 

How McPhillips Fits into the Leadership Structure  

McPhillips will assume his role on campus beginning in November. Not only does the Vice President for Advancement lead a large team of operational departments but he also serves on several leadership teams. As a member of the Executive, Strategy, and Leadership Councils, McPhillips will bring perspective and wisdom as both pastor and businessman to all levels of enrollment, marketing, and development. Davis says of this role, “This VP position requires a delicate mix of administrative ability, ministry dedication/heart, and a deep knowledge of ‘Maranatha culture’ and constituency.”  

What We Can Expect Him To Do  

As I connected with McPhillips, he clearly communicated a desire to serve in a relational way. He listed four reasons for bringing his family to Wisconsin. A passion for regionally accredited education, Baptist faith and practice, dispensational hermeneutics, and the local church. He writes, “My love and passion (for the local church) grew out of Maranatha training, but also, the example of my professors as I watched them on the weekends serving in the local church. Maranatha truly supports the local church and trains its student body to be committed members of a local church.” 

 We praise the Lord for His good timing in bringing the McPhillips family back to Maranatha!  

Photo Credits: Elijah Pilchard