Nathan Campbell is Prepared to Face Crisis

Prepared for Pandemic | Alumni Nathan Campbell

Preparation for the current economic climate seems impossible. Fear dominates that climate. And with so many unknowns, even the brightest graduates are uncertain of the next step to take. 

For college graduates hoping to enter the workplace, this fear is multiplied. Before the pandemic, the gap between graduation and that first job was one of the hardest financial times for students. But in recent months, that gap just got a whole lot scarier. 

In times of crisis, leaders are needed the most, and that is why the Maranatha mission is so significant.

To develop leaders for the local church and the world to the praise of His glory.

Well-rounded, well-trained Christians are the best equipped leaders in the world. When graduates leave MBU, they often find opportunities to influence people around the globe.

One such graduate is Senior Business Management major Nathan Campbell.

More Than A Business Student

Campbell currently works virtually alongside his teammates for School Health, a company that furnishes health and medical supplies to educational venues around the nation.

Imagine entering a worldwide crisis, but instead of facing drastic life changes, you not only continue to work, but continue to lead, improve, and influence lives. That’s where Campbell is, working in a position for School Health that was actually crafted just for him.

Campbell came to Maranatha Baptist University in August of 2016 and immediately immersed himself in leadership development opportunities. He started for the University Men’s Soccer Team all four years and moved in as a Resident Assistant for 3 semesters. Academically, he surfaced as one of the top leaders in the School of Business, earning the votes of his classmates to be a team leader for the annual Business Capstone project.

Campbell says, “MBU has a professional atmosphere that prepared me well for the business world.” He was so prepared that when he took an internship with School Health in the summer of 2018, the company asked him to stay on part-time during the school year.

By the time he graduated in December of 2019, School Health had crafted a new position just for him. He seamlessly step into a full-time position after graduation and immediately began helping his company expand. Now, he works to broaden the company’s influence through product initiatives in the eCommerce division.

Prepared for Crisis

So how did Campbell’s life change when COVID-19 rocked the world?

It didn’t.

He says, “I’ve been blessed because my job allows me to work from home with no interruption to my usual workflow. From my home office, I am still able to collaborate with my team through various tools.” However, the ease of his transition does not remove his desire for normalcy like the rest of us. Despite his smooth shift, he says, “I can’t wait to go back to the office.”

When coronavirus shook much of the world, and even his own team, Campbell’s training, opportunities, and faith held him secure. Campbell credits his current attitude to the leadership development he received at MBU. “That exposure has helped my personal walk with Christ and trained me to remain calm even when others are freaking out at work. MBU’s mission is to develop leaders, and I aim to be an example of that mission being a success.”

Leading Forward

Many college graduates are frantically searching for a job in the midst of crisis. For many, it’s a difficult and scary situation. Nathan Campbell uses the opportunities and leadership training he received at Maranatha to help, lead, and serve others in this crisis.

Be like Campbell. Pursue your development as a leader and a Christian in college and beyond.

And when it’s time to GoServe and Lead as well.