summer online classes

Online Classes Can Fill Your Summer

Summer: one of the most rewarding times of your life during college. 16 weeks of hard work have just flown by and you now stand at the brink of relaxation, warm weather, and sleep. It’s a long-awaited paradise. Any form of homework is out of sight and out of mind for the next three blissful months.

The Perks of Summer Online Classes

But for some people, school is just getting started. Summertime is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on your education and build the path to your dream career. And it all begins with summer online classes.

Maranatha offers students – college, high school, and graduates – a variety of online courses throughout the summer and at all levels. But what does that mean for you?

Here’s a look at MBU’s summer online classes for students of any year or age.

Online Classes for College Students

Current students can ease their semester load or make sure they finish on time by picking up a few classes in the summer. If you plan your classes right, you may even be able to finish early, saving you money on room and board and other expenses of living on campus. Here are some perks to consider:

  • Save money and time in the middle of your college career
  • Enjoy taking college credits at a lower price
  • Tuition is $430 per credit
  • Find the scholarships that are offered for you and your career path

Options for High School Students

Did you know that as a high school student you can start early? Don’t wait for your freshman year to begin classes. In the summer before your junior year you can take online classes at an incredibly reduced price and complete an entire year or even an associate’s degree online before you ever step foot on campus. As an online high school student, here are some of the benefits for you:

  • Save money and time before you even step foot on campus
  • Enjoy taking college credits at a fraction of the regular price
  • Tuition is $175 per credit
  • Start earning credits after your sophomore year through Dual Enrollment

Degrees for Graduate Students

If your college years are in the past and you’re looking to further your education, MBU has many flexible online options for graduate learners of all ages. You can earn a Master’s degree in business, education, and ministry fields to help you better serve wherever you are.

  • Save money and time on seminary or your Master’s degree 
  • Tuition is $210 per credit
  • Enjoy taking college credits at 50% off
  • The “Say Yes” Scholarship is offered just for you

So what?

Taking online classes can be the key to making your college career your own. MBU’s summer online class options are just what you need to graduate a year early or save money for the classes you plan to take later on. Your future will thrive because of these opportunities, so don’t miss out on a brighter summer.

The first summer registration deadline is May 5, so don’t wait to sign up. If you have any questions or want to check out our online programs, see it for yourself here