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Initiate the Next Step in Answering One of God’s Highest Callings

Each person is created with unique gifts and abilities. But God has graciously called some into full-time ministry with the responsibility of leading other people in their spiritual walk.

If the Holy Spirit is working in your life and directing you to enter full-time ministry, then you are desiring a good thing (1 Tim. 3:1). There is joy in surrendering to God’s call to ministry as a pastor, counselor, or missionary, but there is also uncertainty.

What am I supposed to do next? How do I become a pastor, missionary, counselor?

Should I major in something else and then go to seminary? What do I do? And how do I know this is the path God wants for me? Should I just go get plugged in, assist a pastor, and get a bunch of practical training? Or do I go to school and get an MDiv or Masters in Biblical Counseling?

If these are your questions, starting at Maranatha can help. With multiple majors in the school of Bible and Church ministries and experienced faculty that guide and counsel students throughout their education, MBU can help you answer these important questions in your life.

MBU exists to train you to lead others in your local church, and Maranatha’s College of Bible and Church Ministries has developed thousands of pastors, missionaries, and church leaders around the world.

A Biblical Blend

 People who desire to be in ministry are concerned with balancing two things in Bible college: a thorough Biblical understanding and a vibrant love for God and the Bible that is not academic.

Alumnus and current youth pastor Ben Coronado says, “MBU had the perfect mix of biblical and practical instruction.” The program values developing a deep understanding of how to interpret and study God’s Word but ensures students understand what it looks like in the real world through summer and semester-long internships where students work day-in and day-out with a local church.

MBU wants to prepare you with the knowledge to lead people to Christ and the experience to know what it looks like. Coronado mentions that he grew considerably during his internship. It is while helping real people grow in their walk with Christ that you begin to see your own need for Christ to enrapture your heart. In fact, one of the most important things Coronado learned was “to move beyond the academic and to the heart.”

The Complete Package

The MBU mission ensures that all students are exposed to various experiences outside their major while on campus.

Karissa Nelson has a strong desire to minister for Christ on the mission field. Nelson has been able to play soccer for the university’s women’s team, and this experience allows her to expand the ways in which she can connect and relate to people on the mission field. Nelson says, “The department has helped give classes that further my knowledge and have prepared me for this mission trip.”

But her out-of-the-classroom experiences become tools that God can use to open up the door for her to share the truth she has been learning from God’s Word.

Personal Pastors

Without a doubt, the difference-maker in the Bible department is the faculty. Most of these men have served as pastors, professional counselors, or missionaries in the past or currently serve on a pastoral staff. 

This real-world perspective enables the curriculum to be given in a way that allows theological truth and understanding to be always given with practical understanding. Professors will often approach difficult passages of Scripture with questions like “How could you properly use this passage to counsel an individual?”

Additionally, these faculty members exude a genuine, intimate relationship with Christ themselves. Often professors will share how God has been using a specific passage to challenge their own life, and that transfers to helping students in their walk. Nelson cites teachers that “never seem to give up on you even when you are struggling.”

And the connection doesn’t stop at graduation.

They stay in touch with graduates, always willing to listen and give advice when needed.

Coronado states that “they have poured into my life and given up their time to see me succeed. Even after I graduated, I still maintain contact with them and am blessed by their friendship.”

The faculty is dedicated to developing holy men and women of God passionate about interpreting and using God’s Word to complete His mission of making disciples.

Are you ready to grow?

 Being a Bible major is more than signing up to be a pastor, missionary, or counselor.

 It is a commitment to letting the call of God lead you to the Word of God so that your life is changed by the Spirit of God to the praise of the glory of God.

Explore how you can follow God’s leading in the College of Bible and Church Ministries today.