The Benefits of Participating in Fine Arts

College is a busy time filled with class and work commitments, so taking time to destress is essential. It’s easy to hyperfocus on goals and forget the value of unplugging from class stressors. Participating in Fine Arts is an exceptional avenue to relax and refocus. All students need time to give their brains a break from daily commitments. Maranatha believes in a balanced and well-rounded education, and Fine Arts is an essential part of that balance.  

What are the benefits?

Education without rest will lead to burnout. Every student needs an outlet to express their creativity and disconnect from classes. College is designed to stretch students beyond what they think they can do. But you can only push yourself so far before you need a break. Students need time to revitalize their motivation and continue the pursuit of excellence. Participating in Fine Arts is a way to rest and reset.

Pouring yourself into school projects is needed to succeed, but it can be isolating. Fine Arts can open the door to a community. It provides an opportunity for students to connect who have similar interests. Connection and community lead to happiness and higher productivity. But what Fine Arts opportunities does Maranatha provide?


Marantha’s Department of Music offers enriching opportunities for students to grow in their musical abilities. Students from all majors and concentrations are welcome to participate in music groups or take private lessons. The Department of Music has opportunities – choir, band, or orchestra – for all musical skill levels and areas of interest.  

Maranatha has two choirs that tour for a week and select students based on auditions. A third choir that’s open to everyone goes out on Sundays to area churches. All students are welcome to participate in either option. Choir is an enriching way to take a break from class and work throughout the week. Through choir, you will meet other students from different concentrations and majors, facilitating community.

Similarly, to participate in band, students audition and are placed based on skill. The band has members from all areas of study. If you enjoy playing brass, percussion, or woodwinds this is an excellent creative outlet. This group also tours for about a week, providing a unique opportunity to use your creative outlet to serve God and others.

Maranatha also has a symphony orchestra. String players of all skill and experience levels are welcome to participate in the orchestra. Students learn classical pieces from various composers and have multiple performance dates throughout the semester. Orchestra is another example of the inclusivity of the creative outlets Maranatha provides.

Music groups, however, are not the only option. If a student prefers to work on their own, they can take personal enrichment lessons. The Department of Music offers private lessons for voice and a variety of instruments. Maranatha has creative outlets for students with all musical interests and skill levels.


Participating in dramatic productions is another excellent creative outlet. All students are encouraged to audition for Maranatha’s spring and fall plays. If you are interested in acting or assisting in a college production, take advantage of these opportunities. Although this creative outlet requires a greater time commitment, participating in drama is an enriching experience. Dramatic productions allow students to take a break from regular classes while still learning valuable skills that will be useful in the future.

Daily rehearsals give students a constant outlet for creativity. Although this outlet will inevitably lead to exhaustion for some students, it’s a fun way to take a break from normal stressors. Little compares to the sense of accomplishment the entire cast and crew feel at the end of a show. As they see their vision come alive on stage, the countless hours of work come into perspective.

Participating in productions, however, is more than acting. Dramatic productions offer an abundance of opportunities for students with multiple skill sets including stage lighting, sound, or set design. As students create a production together, they form connections that will last a lifetime.

College students need ways to express their creativity. The stressors of work and class responsibilities aren’t sustainable without ways to unplug and refocus. Music and drama are excellent options for expressing creativity and finding like-minded students. Finding a community in college is the first step to success in academics and life. So, don’t be afraid to try something new. Discover the arts that you enjoy and take every day one step at a time.