Student Body Chapel 9.23.22 | Making the Most of the Year

September 23, 2022, marked the first Student Body Chapel of the year. With the theme “Making the Most of the Year,” the Student Body Council (SBC) made the most of chapel! After a song, introduction, and the game “What’s in My Backpack?”, Student Body President Dan Sample took a few moments to explain to the student body exactly what SBC does, emphasizing their role in student representation and planning. 

After another game, “Marshmallow Toss,” and another song, Dan brought a challenge from Ephesians 5 titled “Don’t Waste the Year.” In it, he emphasized the importance of redeeming the time, or seizing opportunities, and that we as Christians do that by imitating God, hating what He hates, and loving what He loves. Dan stated, “Every moment of every day is an opportunity.” He exhorted the students not to waste a single chance to show Christ to others. 

Following the challenge, his Vice Presidents, Esther Bishop, and Troy Jones joined him onstage to present their mission for the school year, “Sincerity: Taking Off the Mask,” based off of Romans 12:9: “Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.” In doing so, they explained some of their plans for the year: “Meet Me in the Middle,” a show in which the SBC discusses different topics with students and staff, “Bridge,” a biweekly meeting at the firepit to hang out with other students, and this semester’s Premiere Event: “The Dorm Trials.” 

After a few announcements and a final song, “I Will Follow,” the students were dismissed with a renewed spirit and a new vision for the following year. 

Author Rachel Hudson (’24) studies English Education and plans to begin her Masters of Special Education within the next year. Originally from the Chicago area, she lived in Houghton Lake, Michigan, for four years, working year-round at a Christian camp, before choosing to further her educational career with MBU. Having travelled to New York City on three separate missions trips, she dreams to return someday as a missionary teacher.