The Education Major | Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear Kara,  

I can honestly say that you have been a freshman twice. You’ll begin as a Bridge to Campus student which counts as your academic freshman year. You come to campus as a junior and will learn so much from the college experience that it counts as your second freshman year.  

Be content where God has you right now and find ways to serve Him where you’re at. I know you cannot wait to get on campus, live college life, and make new friends, but there is a reason God has you in Oregon doing online school even though you cannot fully understand His plan yet. In four years, you’ll look back and understand why things happened the way they did. You just need to trust that God had a purpose and it was in your best interest. The more you look to serve the Lord and bloom where you are currently, the more He can use you to further what is most important in life: bringing glory to God and witnessing to the lost.  

You’ll absolutely love your classes and learn so much from them! You’re a History Education major and I promise you’ll leave with a love for the education field and a desire to help students learn. The education department emphasizes self-reflective teaching, growth, and love for students.  The faculty and staff are so welcoming and truly care about how you are doing in your personal life. They are always willing to be a listening ear or impart a piece of wisdom. 

Academically, you’ll do well simply because you love to learn; but you need to make sure you are growing as a person and not just “getting smarter.” Think critically, understand why you stand where you stand, and be willing to adapt when presented with new information! You’ll go farther in life if you do this. Work hard in classes that you struggle with. They all have something to teach you academically as well as in life experience no matter how much you struggle with the professor’s teaching style or the content. Do your best even when you don’t feel like it.    

After two years of doing school online, you’ll get comfortable where you are, and leaving home will seem like a scary thing to do. God is directing you to go. I know change is scary, but it is time for you to begin growing in areas you did not even realize you would grow in. Going on campus is going to be amazing for you, just you wait.  

When you get to campus, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I know coming on campus as 20-year-old is hard because everyone already has solidified friend groups, but there are so many people waiting for you to reach out to them! Maranatha has one of the most inviting atmospheres you’ll ever experienceDon’t close yourself off just because you fear rejection. Stop being proud. You don’t have to appear perfect in everyone’s eyes. In fact, you will find that people really appreciate someone who is open and relatable because it lets them know that they are not alone in their struggles.  

Lastly, trust God. You are going to go through some hard things, but you also have so many rewarding experiences ahead. All of what you experience will mold you into a godlier person. At the same, quit being such a worrier! You worry way too much. God has a perfect plan that He will show you so long as you stay close to Him and lean on His promises even when you don’t fully understand them. Trust God’s process. You’ll be glad you did! 

So many things have worked out to be the best thing that could have ever happened even if the process was hard. You’ll find that you develop some of the closest friendships with people who are always there and build you up during the hard times and the good times! College life is one of the best things that I have ever experienced to date. I really developed and grew as a person thanks to the experiences and relationships! You have those wonderful things ahead of you and I guarantee you that you’ll be very sad to leave it.  

I have more advice that I have given other students or freshman that I could give you, such as: manage your time, get enough sleep, learn to say no to things, stay in school, do you homework, don’t get boy crazy, etc. However, the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone though is to trust God and keep your eyes on the Lord.  



Kara Jaquith graduated in December 2020 with a BS in History Education.