Madrigal Chapel Recording

Maranatha Baptist University Madrigal and Handbell Choir recently returned from their week-long tour. Madrigal, led by Dr. David Brown, was accompanied by the newest faculty member at MBU, Mark Herbster. Herbster preached after every concert and promoted the school in chapels.

The 39-voice choir traveled from Watertown all the way down to the Missouri area for their 8 days of ministry, kicking off the tour on Sunday morning at Tri-City Baptist Church in Blue Springs, MO. Sunday night and Monday morning were spent in Kansas City, MO at Eagle Heights Baptist Church and Christian School.

Madrigal then crossed over into Kansas for an evening concert and a school chapel the next morning. Immediately hitting the road after the chapel, Madrigal returned to Missouri until Thursday morning. After a school chapel in Poplar Bluff that morning, the choir headed north to Palos Hills, IL for the evening service. After one more service in Illinois on Friday night, Madrigal returned to campus.

Choir tour is a great experience, not only for the churches and schools that get to hear the concerts, but also for the choir members themselves.

Freshman Stephen Roer reflected, “I think Madrigal tour helped me gain a greater perspective on how God uses his church. We not only were able to contribute to the churches, but they also contributed a lot to my view of God because I saw him working through so many different, unique outlets.”

“Singing the same songs helps the music to come alive,” said junior Priscilla Bishop, vice president of Madrigal.  “I heard a sermon about joy in God and our song “Serve the Lord with Joy” just kept going through my head. Having the songs go through my head gives me joy all the time.”

The Monday morning after Madrigal returned to campus, they performed a concert for MBU’s chapel. The high quality of the music and the spiritual message the choir communicated blessed many.

The video can be viewed below.